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Why The Roseate Spoonbill?

Flock with us and you’ll know why we love the roseate spoonbill. The collective name for group of roseate spoonbills is bowl. No noun fits us better. Birder chicks mixes a passion for birds, adventure of finding them, merchandise that we've needed and sought to create a joyous bowl full of fun!

The nature of the Roseates is a party. No place fits us better. Roseates are gregarious. We've been called vivid, good times, the best flock on an island, the fun girls and spark plugs. Find us and you’re welcome to wade.

The color of the roseate spoonbill is shrimp pink, with a flash of bright orange tail feathers in a fulfilling year. No colors fit us better. The birderchicks bowl overflows with tall tales woven through cast nets in a quest for shrimp in the southern marshes. Roseates get their color from the crustaceans they eat. They shift through the pluff mud for shrimp just like we do every fall. We love shrimping and so does the roseate.

Range of the roseate spoonbill is expanding in the US. Once limited to the Gulf Coast, roseate ranges have extended up southeastern coast, to the West Coast and inland by hundreds of miles. And while we love birding everywhere, no place fits us better. We were raised in the South, one migrated West, and we have planned birding adventures across the region east to west.

Sightings of roseate spoonbills are easy. No philosophy of birding suits us better, though we go to great lengths to find birds. If you're lucky enough to be in roseate territory, there is no mistaking. They may be the most distinctive bird around with the unique bill and color.

Tough enough to wear pink. Only a very few species of birds get to be pink. You have to think there is resilience in that. No attribute is higher in our goals. We want to be resilient, tough and dang pretty to boot

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