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Meet the Original 4

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About Us



Birderchicks was started by 4 amazing real-life birderchicks, this community is here for you to do what you do best - explore, look, and discover something fascinating. We will provide you with functionable and fashionable bird watching gear to equip you for the best birding experience possible. Grab your binoculars, and let's have some fun.

BirderChicks... like to Flock



Nancy, is the Pathfinder and Chief of Fun. She is a go-getter and enjoys early morning walks to look for birds, sometimes waking up at 5 am to go on a birding journey. Her homescape is habitat for hundreds of birds that throng around her feeders. She likes to bird watch because her father watched birds and taught her to identify them from an early age.


Extra fun fact: While she won’t "judge" you on the trail, Nancy’s motto is “be prepared” and she’ll gavel you when you’re not. 




Dixie is our Texas birderchick with a wonderfully, big personality to match her big Texas hair. She enjoys birding in all parts of the country but recognizes how awesome her home state is. She revels in the scissortail flycatchers’ faithful return each March, the scurry of El Chaparrell, the roadrunner, her nesting Mississippi Kites and many other birds found year around in the Lone Star State!


Extra fun fact: You’re likely to find Dixie in her cowgirl boots off the trail!



Jessie is the brains of the bunch and Head of the Dancing Committee. She might mend your tibia or replace your hip in her day job, but this birderchick likes to travel to tropical places to look for cool birds. She is an avid angler, was once a squash national champ, and is the leader of whatever pack she’s in.


Extra fun fact: Jessie  once saw a Bay-headed Tanager while in Costa Rica.



Yvonne is the artist, creative, talented, and always painting a good picture of what she finds out on the trail (literally and figuratively). A South Carolina Native, Yvonne's favorite places to go birding are Cape Romain and Edisto Island, South Carolina, but she also enjoys the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains, the Gulf Coast of Florida, and Southern California. Yvonne’s the spiritual leader and a purveyor of fun with an inimitable wit.


Extra fun fact: Yvonne has over 20 oil paintings of birds in her home... talk about a collector!

Image by Charlotte Moore


Without a doubt, Jessie Wilson was my birding mentor. A college suite mate and life-long friend, Jessie visited us in Texas on two 1980's western birding adventures. Her quest intrigued me, but with two fledgling chicks in my nest, I could hardly look up. It was in the early '90s, I started noting different birds. I had grown up with the mockingbird serenading all night at my West Texas window, the Chaparell running the road, even the scissor tails on the wire every summer, but suddenly taking the chicks to school, I noticed kestrels perched for their breakfast, a northern shrike I just dismissed as as mocker,  red-bellies on the telephone pole and great horned in the cottonwood every night I could set my watch by.


I read about the Christmas Bird Count. My sweet, and attentive husband, bought me birding books for Christmas and it was game on. I read the Eastern book at night when the chicks were adolescent and restless. It rocked me.




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